Saints and sinners rejoice. We will all rot together.


Undulatus Asperatus clouds over Lincoln NE on July 7, 2014

小松菜奈 (Nana Komatsu): SPUR magazine
sent it hard a few days ago at the ifuckindrift event in Owego, NY with an open diff. 
met some rad people and got to ride along in some serious drift missiles.

Cowboy Bebop Episode 15 “My Funny Valentine” (1998)

Sick br0

I’m beginning to realize having someone to sleep with at night is really important.


Tian-yu Xiong: “This photograph was taken in the National Library of China, which resides in the middle of Haidian, also known as the educational district of Beijing. As I was wandering the hallways of the library I noticed the astonishing view and repetitive lines present in the architecture. The massive amount of people reading books and studying quietly with electronic devices by their sides also drew my attention to this stunning moment.”